• Sports Her Way Team Wear Catalog

    Like their male comrades, female athletes sweat, stink, and bleed—they just dress better to do it.

    Sports Her Way is an athletic uniform and equipment provider dedicated to the female athlete, and they wanted to showcase their teamwear in its own catalog. Two parameters given were that it would need to have a three-year shelf life and encompass the sports that comprise the bulk of their teamwear sales (lacrosse, field hockey and soccer). The client told us that many of her customers weren’t interested in athletic wear that wasn’t “girly”, but we wanted to stay away from the expected pink and instead chose powerful, edgy (yet feminine) electric magenta and solid black as the main color scheme.

    We also took a different approach when it came to content. Veering away from the previous copy’s focus on camaraderie between team members, we opted to hit harder with a female athlete’s trash-talking attitude, bringing a refreshing touch of sass. Boo-yah!

  • Aria Creative Self-Promotion

    2011 American Graphic Design Award winner

    With the exception of pantsless talking ducks, retirees on the make for an early bird score, and other denizens of sunny climes, who wasn’t forever altered by the winter of ’09–’10? For our holiday promotion, we invited recipients to relive the joy this Snowpocalypse of white stuff brought … but, this time, without the massive digging out and herniated discs. Nestled inside the box was a tiny tin of Altoids floating inside a sea of biodegradable “snow”. The included instruction guide cleverly assisted recipients on recreating their own blizzard by tossing the snow and enjoying a robust mint—all without the need to guard a dug-out parking space with pitiful lawn chairs, milk crates and/or small animals.

  • Electronic Lifestyles’ Designers’ Choice Awards Ad

    What’s more fun than having your own lavish home theater? Reading about other people’s lavish home theaters. As a niche publication, Electronic Lifestyles’ audience consists of interior designers, builders, architects, manufacturers and consumers, for whom it showcases an annual Designers’ Choice Awards issue. To cater to this varied group, the magazine relies heavily upon large, full-color photographs of the nation’s most over-the-top home theaters, and its ads have a decidedly cosmopolitan flavor. Meeting the client’s request for a “striking advertisement” that would “stand out from the crowd” for the entire six-month shelf-life of the publication, this ad utilizes a wish-you-were-here-styled photo, allowing the viewer to imagine the luxury of having Pioneer’s 60″ plasma television in their own living room … or in somebody else’s.

  • Baltimore Shakespeare Festival Advertisement

    If swooning theater lovers are cooling their moist brows with your visage 500 years after your death, that’s a pretty amazing legacy. The Baltimore Shakespeare Festival (a beloved pro bono client) sold advertising to local businesses in the form of their names/contact info printed on the back of a cutout of Shakespeare’s head mounted on a stick. These fans were handed out at every show and became a fun tradition for diehards. When BSF received a free placement in the Baltimore Sun’s Reader Rewards, we knew exactly where to start. The ad’s BOGO ticket deal to get bodies in seats (or in the grass since the theater was outdoors) visually centers on the fan, and is designed around a headline paraphrased from Omar Khayyam’s Rubaiyat (we also styled and shot the photo). So the play may be the thing, but the fan? The fan’s THE thing.

  • Electrograph Systems’ Display Solutions Resource Guide

    On a daily basis, A/V installers are routinely elbow-deep and sauced up in a veritable spaghetti bowl of product choices. This 124-page catalog is the fork and tablespoon that scoops up the cables, wiring, LED and plasma pasta into delectable, bite-sized pieces. Acting as both a marketing vehicle and a product guide, the catalog was a heavy hitter for a leading display technology distributor. The catalog was divided into five easily navigable color coded sections, with supporting ads showcasing well-known brands such as Hitachi, LG, Philips, Pioneer, Sanyo and Sony. Colorful product images are complemented by well-organized charts containing specifications for each product tailored to Electrograph’s targeted reseller market. We handled all of the design, development and prepress for this 30K print run with an extremely compressed schedule and delivered on time and on budget. Upon completion, Aria also developed an interactive PDF for use on the client’s website, but meatballs were an extra three bucks.