• CBO Financial website

    Maybe it’s not the smartest thing to tear down drywall while sporting nail art and Louboutains, but we made it possible to look good and do good at the same time. CBO has an inspiring story to tell, and we built them an inspiring website to present it. Starting with their existing site, we reorganized the content and built basic wireframes to describe the new structure. Working with the visual language developed for their new print materials, we designed a fresh, engaging website that takes full advantage of new images and copy to highlight the good work they do for impoverished neighborhoods. That makes everybody feel good.

  • K & C Grounds Maintenance website

    While the team at K & C Grounds Maintenance spends much of their time knee deep in dirt, they needed a website as immaculate as their results. We designed the site with a clean and organic feel highlighting the company’s work with major commercial clients. With a portfolio of beautiful photography of eye-popping floral designs, the site reflects K & C Grounds’ love of what they do.

  • Red Door Remodeling website

    A lot of contractors’ marketing plans consist of handing out dog-eared business cards with a design that was de rigueur during the Carter administration. Red Door Remodeling wanted a brand and a website as sophisticated as their approach to every custom remodeling job. To help showcase their work, we designed a friendly, engaging website which reinforces their brand image and presents their work professionally. Extending the identity we designed for the company, we built the site in WordPress, an open-source and flexible CMS, and designed it so that they could add content to the site quickly and easily. Each building category takes full advantage of images and text to outline the full range of their services, and the weblog section is used as a hints and tips area for homeowners as well as up-to-date news to enjoy while sipping a can of Billy Beer.

  • Phyllis Wright Art Studio and Store

    Artists typically have a clear vision of who they are; however, when faced with a new medium that doesn’t involve burnt umber or noxious fumes (at least not intentional ones) the outcome may be a mild case of not-so teenage angst. When this artist wanted a website to showcase and sell her artwork, we cleared the air and allowed her work to really stand out by starting with a clean, crisp layout based upon the identity we designed. We then built the site in WordPress, an open-source and flexible CMS which gives her the flexibility to add, edit, and delete content on the site whenever she wants. Her portfolio was divided into categories, organized by date, and features a customized media upload system which builds thumbnails and full-sized images automatically. We also set up a simple PayPal ordering system with inventory control so that she can accept credit card payments and track the number of prints sold.