Turns out desperation smells a lot like horse sweat

The first time I saw Kegasus, I was conflicted: I’m all for humorous, punchy yet completely random marketing ideas—I’m just prejudiced against ideas that have no realistic hope of authentic follow through and scream of desperation.

Before there’s even a whiff of Puritanism here, let me just state for the record that it’s not the promotion of drunken debauchery that makes me feel uneasy, nor is it because it goes against the true traditions of Preakness pre-Infield party (which it does), it’s just that it points out the sorry state of horse racing.

I’m not crazy about football, but I will watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. Is this commercial of that caliber? Let’s see: Irreverant? Yes. Rude? Yes. Misogynistic? Yes. Would it bother me as much if I were watching football? No, because I expect this kind of rude jockeying (pardon the pun) for attention behavior then.

All I can think of now is the neighborhood around Pimlico, full of gorgeously huge, yet decrepit houses, how the track is empty 364 days a year, how the racing way of life is holding on by a thread, and how most of the people who will come to ‘see’ Kegasus won’t notice any of these things—and if they did they wouldn’t care.

On the no-realistic-hope-of-authentic-follow-through front, the actor appeared yesterday at Pimlico in a costume. Yes, I realize that you can’t CGI real life. It just looks…desperate.

Then again, maybe this is the best campaign for the Preakness after all.


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