First Third of 30 Days of Creativity: a love letter to Gwen Bell

Things have been a bit nutso around here, all in good ways I assure you. It’s summer, and because I’m not freezing, I’m not going to complain about the 107 degrees my thermometer says it is. Besides, heat makes tomatoes grow like weeds!

So, to get back to showcasing my creativity endeavors, I’m going to list them here. Sadly, no photos, so that’s something I will amend for the next 66% of the month.

June 1: Posted to the blog

June 2: Lavender & Lemon souffle; sometimes two powerful exotic foodstuffs go together well. Not true with daikons and durian (forget not trying it at home, don’t try this anywhere).

June 3: Sat on a friend’s porch, drank red wine, discussed theology, and learned that British men, when cyclists they have just struck wind up on the hoods of their cars, will throw punches which look like cats abusing a scratching post.

June 4: Took a nap. Seriously, the next time you get stumped on a project, a good nap just might shake something loose for you. It did me.

June 5: Built the bones of a rock garden.

June 6: Created some kick ass labels for a boutique bakery.

June 7: Participated in some much needed retail therapy.

June 8: Made kool-aid playdough. The recipe needs some work but the journey was the thing.

June 9: Drove to the city from a completely foreign direction with no map or directions. Exhilarating!

June 10: Answered Gwen Bell’s request for a follow-up to potentially use in her new Fucking Fierce offering.

Narrowing down what she did for me during our 101 last year into a few sentences was almost impossible. In looking at it afterwards, it made me realize that I didn’t make a big enough hoo-ha of what brought me into the world of design blogging, and ultimately what spurred on the entire Aria rebrand. I aim to change that right now by sharing with you what I sent her mere moments ago:

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” While a pro pos for working with you, it still doesn’t address the Gwen Bell slow-release time bomb!

The immediate returns of our collaboration were great, but the real value came with the after effects: I realized that my business and my personality were walled off from one another such that I wasn’t being as authentic as I wanted to be. As hard as it was to do it, pushing through that was invaluable. I’m happier, my clients seem to get (and appreciate) me, and my creativity is blossoming. Now I just get to be me—and that’s such a relief.

What I didn’t include, and probably should’ve, is that relief means I can concentrate more clearly on my clients’ work.

The irony that I help businesses find their voice and yet wasn’t fully connected to my own is not lost on me. Where Aria acts a conduit for change with others, I wasn’t allowing myself that same opportunity or flexibility. Working with Gwen made me realize that I need to trust who I am, and if that’s a hillbilly hootenanny that’s ok.

Making the jump to the new web design, getting new head shots, putting myself “out there” in front of my business—and my life—was more terrifying than sky diving ever was. But I can’t recommend it enough to those willing to do the work.

Do it.

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